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Personnel file for Vincent Schofield

Vincent Schofield

NameVincent Schofield
Age20 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentCrew Family Member (Moved to Starbase 111)

Physical Appearance

Eyes color: Purple
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Causcasian/Xenexian Bronze
Height: Still growing


Born to Ri'chelle Lauvell and an unknown Xenexian Male, Vi'ce't Lauvell life began aboard a smuggling vessel somewhere in space.
His childhood was formed by three major events. First, the birth of this sister Lil'ana when he was five years old. Vincent immediately grew very attached to his sister.
Next, his uncle and his aunt Ri'chelle attempted to sell his sister to slavers. This left Lil'ana with a deep distrust of men and him with a deep hatred of both his uncle and aunt.
He convinced his parents to throw them off the ship. Soon, Ri'chelle hired a mercenary to kill his parents. This left Vincent stranded on a backwater planet and Lil'ana on Crannar.

For the next couple of years, Vincent wandered from planet to planet. Eventually, he ended up on Farius Prime. There, he ended up enrolling into the Orion Syndicate. He did minor chores for the Syndicate for months. As part of these duties, he was relocated to New London. On New London, he attempted to impress his superiors by breaking into the house of a rival gang leader.
Alas, he was caught and spend several weeks in captivity. The gang tortured him during this period.

He was rescued by a Starfleet away team and began a weeks-long recovery process. After that, he moved in with the Schofields and was adopted by them. Since then, he has been enjoying a good life aboard the USS Pathfinder. He even found himself a job in Guido's, working as a junior cook.


*2383.03.15: Born
*2388.05.13: Becomes brother to Lil'ana
*March 2400: Rescued from New London
*2400.06.02: Moves to USS Pathfinder
*2400.07.01: USS Pathfinder launches
*2400.08.01: Official adopted by the Schofields and changes his last name.

Psychological Profile

Having grown up on the streets and alone, Vincent is extremely loyal to his family. (At first, he had some doubts if life about a starship, with its many rules, was the thing for him. But he has come to realise that this life is the best for him and Lil'ana.) He is very protective of both Lil'ana and Pearl, seeing it as his duty to keep them safe and set a good example.

Specialties and Skills

GOOD: Cooking. (Thanks for Mr Vale's lessons, he has become a top-notch chef.) Piloting. (A skill he inherited from his biological father and developed further by Emile Schofield.) Bypassing security system. (Although he was never a high-ranking member of the Orion Syndicate, Vincent picked up a few tricks along the way.)

NEGATIVE: Medical and Science. Vincent simply doesn't have a head for this stuff.

Hobbies and Interests

Cooking, which is why he really loves his day job. And girls. (But between school, his job and being a big brother for Lil'ana and Pearl, he does not have as much time for flirting with them as he would like.)


When he was adopted, he changed his name. Vi'ce't Lauvell is now (officially) called Vincent Shane Schofield.


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