USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Marcus James Allen

Lieutenant Marcus James Allen

NameMarcus James Allen
Age32 years (as of 2410.10.04)
AssignmentChief Medical Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

6 feet tall (1.83 meters)
North American caucasian
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kilos)


Born: Sept. 23, 2378, Sacramento CA
Parents: George and Gracie Allen; both doctors
Siblings: Robert, Carol (older), Theodore, Alice (younger)

Mark Allen is a 6th-generation physician. He is the first member of his family to join Starfleet. Both his parents are doctors, as are two of his siblings, one uncle, one aunt, and three of his four grandparents. Another sibling is a nurse. The last, Theodore, is autistic but serves as an orderly under the supervision of Dr. Gracie Allen.

Entered Starfleet Academy as a medical student: 2396
Graduated: Class of 2400
Assigned to Starbase 72: 2400
Married Deborah Hill: 2400
Daughter Lisa born: 2402
Promoted to Lieutenant JG: 2403
Transferred to USS Sapporo: 2405
Promoted to Lieutenant: 2406
Divorced: 2407
Transferred to Gaylord Memorial Hospital, Starfleet base, Coridan: 2407
Designated Emergency Room Administrator: 2409
Awarded Leonard McCoy medal for providing medical service under extreme conditions: 2409
Transferred to USS Page as ACMO: 2410
Transfer changed to USS Pathfinder as CMO: 2410

Psychological Profile

Accepted early on that medicine is the "family business" and loves the work. Feels that he has a real calling for it. Loves his family deeply but feels somewhat detached from them. He sometimes considers many of them too arrogant and even accuses them of having a "god complex" which he feels is too common in the medical community.

Mark was known in his youth as "Alley Cat" Allen for his continuous and varied romantic encounters. At the time, he was proud of losing his virginity to an older woman at age 12. He was also a top student and skilled athlete in numerous sports. Oddly enough, he downplayed his achievements and shunned the spotlight. The reason for his efforts seems to be that he likes a challenge.

He recalls meeting his future wife, a classmate at Starfleet Academy, as a life-changing moment. In his own words; "Her family had been part of Starfleet since there had *been* Starfleet. She was raised to believe that it was a great honor to serve the Federation. She brought this same attitude to her studies, and to treating her patients; that it was an honor she had to strive to be worthy of. When I understood that, I understood what always made me uncomfortable about my own family. I wanted to be like her."

In spite of these feelings, he eventually was unfaithful to his wife and she divorced him.

Has always had a desire to serve out in the fleet, especially aboard a starship.

Specialties and Skills

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine; general practice with several hundred hours of additional fieldwork and study. Is also a skilled surgeon, as well as studying xenobiology.

Hobbies and Interests

Is skilled at numerous sports. Especially fond of football, which he insists on referring to as "soccer". In holodeck simulations, likes to water ski.

Likes to read, especially enjoying anything to do with medicine. As soon as he graduated as a DO, began taking extension courses on xenobiology. Enjoys time with his daughter, and socializing in general, although less so since his divorce. Strongly tends toward promiscuity.


As of 2410, Dr. Mark Allen is something of a pariah in the Starfleet community. His divorce was caused by an affair with the wife of his ship's Captain, Rafael Maldonado. Captain Maldonado is one of the most highly decorated officers currently serving in Starfleet, including commendations for actions taken during both the Dominion and Sident wars. This not only damaged Captain Maldonado's public image but effectively ruined the career of Mark's wife, Deborah. It also embarrassed her family, which has a long and storied history in Starfleet.

Dr. Deborah Allen was a highly respected physician whose reports and papers were featured on a regular basis in medical publications in and out of the Federation. Mark stated during the divorce proceedings that he had come to resent the attention she was getting, which he said led to his unfaithfulness.

After the divorce, both parties tried their best to keep a low profile. Dr. D. Allen - reverting to her former name, Deborah Hill - attempted to deny Mark any contact with their daughter. He fought back in court and won the right to speak to Lisa for an hour over subspace once every two weeks, as well as custody of her for two weeks every year. After Dr. Hill's death, Mark took full custody of his daughter.

Mark was awarded the Leonard McCoy medal for his actions on 12 December 2409. He left the base on a commuter shuttle that crashed in the downtown area of Coridan's capital city at rush hour. Despite significant injuries of his own, Dr. Allen coordinated first responders and civilian bystanders to begin triage and treatment of the injured, resulting in many lives being saved.

Upon leaving the USS Sapporo Mark transferred to the main base hospital on Coridan, known as Gaylord Memorial. At that time, the hospital had gone through 12 Emergency Room Administrators in five years. When the twelfth one put in for a transfer, he volunteered for the job. He held the position for 14 months and is credited with dramatically improving Gaylord ER's reputation. The base commander stated that "Dr. Allen's organizational skill and coolness under the most trying conditions turned our base's main emergency room from one to avoid, into the first one to consider." He applied to Starfleet Command for a commendation for Dr. Allen, but it was refused.