USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Shonn

Chief Petty Officer Shonn

Age73 years (as of 2410.10.04)
AssignmentYeoman (USS Pathfinder)
Chief Petty Officer

Physical Appearance

Shonn is a middle-aged Vulcan. His black hair is always carefully trimmed, for he knows appearance is important in this job.


Shonn hasn't spent all of his life in Starfleet: in fact, he's only been here for eight years, since 2396. Prior to this, he served as a civilian pilot on several freighters, before transfering to the Vulcan airspace control, coordinating traffic in Vulcan's own atmosphere, as well as to and from Vulcan. His administrative skills were noticed by one of Vulcan's ambassadors, who asked him to join him as his aid on his tour of several Federation worlds. Shonn found this request logical and accepted. For the next twelve years, he served as the ambassador's aide, until the ambassador died of old age. The new Vulcan ambassador had aides of his own, so now Shonn looked elsewhere for a job. A Starfleet officer he befriended suggested going into service: a suggestion Shonn followed. After a short training, Shonn was posted on board several starships, where his administrative talents were once again noticed: Shonn was appointed yeoman several times. When he heard that the USS Pathfinder needed a yeoman on its new missions, Shonn decided that this would be an appropriate challenge for him. He applied for the job.

Psychological Profile

Shonn is a quintessential Vulcan. He's quite intelligent and sees logic and reason as the cornerstones of civilisation. However, his time as the Vulcan ambassador's aide has helped him to see that not all species adhere as much importance to logic and reason; an insight that helps him deal with others a lot better.

Hobbies and Interests

Shonn still tries to fly shuttles and starships in the holodeck whenever he can, in order to keep up this skill.
Unlike many of his Vulcan brethren, Shonn enjoys listening to music and reading stories from many different cultures. He claims that it helps him understand those cultures better: quite the necessity when dealing with other people.
Shonn also practices the art of botany. He often finds it helps him unwind after a frustrating day. It's not necessarily logical, but he did find it to be true.