USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Melissa Kinnard

Commander Melissa Kinnard

NameMelissa Kinnard
Age34 years (as of 2410.10.04)
AssignmentChief Science Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Melissa is not very tall, slightly below average for a human. She has blue eyes. Her brown hair used to have a few streaks that are dyed a different colour (usually purple), but lately she has been doing that less (for no particular reason).


Starfleet serial number: DP-838-9716 MIY

Parents: Renee Moors/Kane (deceased) & Colin Kinnard (officially deceased)
Stepfather: Seth Kane
Siblings: none

2376.02.03 - Melissa Kinnard is born on Earth
2377.01.16 - Officially, Colin Kinnard dies in a mountaineering accident on Risa, in reality, he is presumed dead while undercover for Starfleet Intelligence
2382.06.23 - Melissa and her mother (a civilian scientist) move to Starbase 153
2387.02.10 - Melissa's mother marries Seth Kane, at that moment the Chief Science Officer of Starbase 153
2388.11.19 - Renee dies after being in a coma for 3 days, caused by an allergic reaction to a medication for a viral infection
2388.11.22 - Melissa and Seth return to Earth for Renee's funeral and stay 3 months with Renee's mother
2389.02.15 - Melissa wants to return to Starbase 153 with Seth
2391.04.29 - Melissa moved to Pandora Station when Seth became the CO there
2394.01.20 - Melissa started studying history/archaeology at the University of Alpha Centauri in New Samarkand, Alpha Centauri
2394.07.10 - She decides to join Starfleet

2398.05.23 - Ensign Melissa Kinnard graduates from Starfleet Academy as a Science Officer, and is assigned to the USS Valkyrie
2399.01.01 - Officially promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer
2399.02.28 - Transferred to Yeager Colony
2399.11.18 - Finds out her biological father didn't die, but is still alive, living under the name Nylok
2400.06.16 - Transferred to the USS Pathfinder as Chief Science Officer
2400.07.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2402.02.20 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2403.03.03 - Married to Triss sh'Rinda (somewhat on a whim, though they had already been living together for a few years)

Psychological Profile

Melissa is sometimes insecure about her own skills, and this generally results in her being very perfectionistic about her work.

Initially she didn't consider joining Starfleet as she thought she was not suited for the job, but her mentor at the University of Alpha Centauri convinced her otherwise.

Since her second year in the Academy, she generally avoids talking about her stepfather (Captain Seth Kane), as she doesn't want to seen as the daughter of a high ranking Starfleet officer.

Specialties and Skills

Melissa used to think she was really bad at math, but she ended up realising classes in school were just too boring. She's a fast reader, and speaks/understands several (ancient) alien languages.

Hobbies and Interests

History, particularly Earth's early space program and colonisation efforts.

She has a collection of obscure brightly colored pony figures from Earth's 21st century.


The fact that her biological father is still alive is not public knowledge.