USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Deloris Tilly

Lieutenant Deloris Tilly

NameDeloris Tilly
Age37 years (as of 2410.10.04)
SpeciesTrill (joined)
AssignmentEngineering Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Causasian Trill female. The small frame and build and standing at 5'7, blue eyes, and blonde hair.


Deloris was born as any normal child, in any normal setting. Nothing was special about her, she was just there.

The middle child of 3 siblings, Deloris was mostly vying for the affection of her parents. Mahmoot and Tersha, as they doted on the Elder brother and younger daughter neither of which Deloris was close to growing up.

Not that it ever truly bothered her, as it allowed Deloris to tinker, dabble and find her way in life.

By the age of five, Deloris would often be found in her room taking things apart. Exploring. Putting them all back together, by the age of 8, it was not uncommon for Deloris to have her sleeves rolled up and help in many aspects of Engineering work.

Much to her parent's disapproval, she would be out playing with the boys, getting dirty, and climbing trees. All the things she loved.

As Deloris got older her Parents decided to put in an application for her to become a Joined Trill, to which she was opposed. However after time and understanding the process, it was a worthwhile goal. Something that she would begin to treasure and eventually accept that this was the way.

Tilly Symbiont:

On her 17th birthday, Deloris proudly accepted the Tilly symbiont. Albeit having been around for some time, it was still relatively new. As the symbiont had not had and shared many lives. As its unique DNA made it very difficult to find specific matches, to date there had only been 3 other hosts before Deloris came along.

Tilly, Harmon:

Harmon was the 1st Trill symbiont, he had ventured lightyears and traveled far long before the Federation was born.

A musician, poet, traveler... he had nowhere to go. No roots to lie, and spent most of his time being an artist. It was his life's work. But happy work. Having spent a couple of decades away from the Trill homeworld.

Harmon had found love, for Narissa and had children of his own. There was nothing remarkable about his life. One minute he was born, the next the Trill symbiont was being passed to its second host.

Tilly, Deboir:

Deboir was where it all changed. The scientist in her wanted to see the stars, explore and seek out new life. Once Trill had joined the Federation, it gave them a whole new perspective. The thirst for discovery was a powerful driving force.

Joining Starfleet was her primary goal, and serving with distinction to rise through the ranks and become a Starfleet Admiral. After many first contact missions, diplomacy, and the wars to follow. Deboir had seen it all.

Having served a Military life, Deboir had never found the time to find love. As her waning years came to an end they had been unable to find another host the symbiont stayed in the pools for quite some time. Only sharing its time with the Guardians as they cared for it.

Tilly, Juncqo:

Juncqo took the Trill symbiont a little later in life than expected. It was by pure chance that this specific Trill was a direct descendant of Harmon. The unique trait that ran through his family line, made him a perfect candidate.

As most Joinings occur from a young age, it was not a difficult transition. Upon joining Juncqo became a very different person, and after having spent his early years on the Trill Homeworld he wanted to see the Stars again... at least that was what the symbiont wanted.

He resisted for another few years, but in the end, he felt compelled to go. Space had most definitely changed in all those years, the Dominion war had broken out. Starfleet was in ruins alongside the Alpha Quadrant. It was a war to almost end wars.

Juncqo had joined the civilian medical services, to help with the war effort. To be useful. To go from planet to planet and help. A career he would lead for his life, until his death.

Near the end of his life, he was able to see his replacement for the Tilly Symbiont. With the passing words, "Follow your heart desires... don't wait as we did." Words that Deloris would live for the rest of her life.

Tilly, Deloris:

Deloris would never be the same again after taking the Tilly Symbiont. Having never truly had a passion for Art, she had found herself a master craftsman. As part of the knowledge given to her by Harmon. It was inspiring.

It was a much-added bonus, as she saw her Engineering skills in a completely different light. New possibilities seemed to be open to her, things she had previously no knowledge of. It helped her be a better individual.

After receiving the Tilly Symbiont, Deloris wanted to join Starfleet. The urge to enroll was a thrilling prospect. Remembering the previous thrill of Deboir earning her commission and rising through the ranks. Most definitely sounded appealing, it would also finally get her away from her parents.

Early Starfleet Career:

Not taking the usual course through the Academy, Deloris became an NCO. Her years of experience in tinkering, engineering, and being able to work hard. Allowed her entry into Starfleet, to work on a Starship and find her way.

This led her to a posting as Petty Officer in Engineering on the USS Odyssey, under the command at the time of Captain Jalando. The Odyssey was stationed keeping at Yeager Colony at the time while she was onboard. Deloris was a quick study and while not working, she had her nose buried in various PADDs reading technical manuals.

Research papers, anything to get her ahead. With courage and a little hard work, Deloris was able to push ahead and become a damn good officer. It was only through an accident that occurred when the Odyssey crash landed. It was a day that Deloris would never forget, it would almost cost her her life.

Working that fateful day with the then Chief Security officer Leon Nerfertii, Deloris suffered third-degree burns across 70% of her body. The shock had disrupted her electrical neural pathways. Essentially locking her in her own body. It was a frustrating time in her life, it was only because of Couns. Sellser noticed that Deloris was blinking to various questions that they realized she was still alive and fully cognitive.

Deloris was eventually returned to Starfleet Medical, it was here they were able to discover how to repair the damage done. With a little medical science and time on her hands, Deloris was able to make almost a full recovery. With no lasting permanent damage, it was only the nightmares that haunted her.

With a clean bill of health, Tilly after several months of recuperation and rehabilitation of her motor skills was able to perform her duties as normal.

Deloris was offered her old position back onboard the Odyssey but after the harrowing experience and her nightmares. Deloris opted for a different path, to use her knowledge and go to the Academy. With additional training in Engineering and her 4-year stint at the Academy, Deloris was ready to face the Fleet as a newly minted Ensign.

With her previous ordeal behind her, Deloris took a position on the USS Kiyo a small Sabre class starship. This would be her only posting for years to come, as it kept her busy. As this particular vessel was listed as part of the Engineering corps. Deloris didn't want to be anywhere else, it was hard and loving work. But doing, it was done with pride.

After years of service, and gradually rising to the rank of Lieutenant her Captain pushed for Deloris to take a new posting. To explore the final frontier, as her talents as an Engineer onboard were wasted. As it was a lot more difficult for her to stand out.

A posting to the USS Pathfinder would change her path of destiny forever.

2373.09.29 -- Born
2388.08.30 -- Joint Trill (Tilly)
2392.03.01 -- Joined the USS Odyssey (Petty Officer)
2394.04.14 -- Transferred to Starfleet Medical
2394.11.05 -- Fit for Duty, back to study at the Academy
2398.07.24 -- Promoted to Ensign, Transferred to USS Kiyo
2400.01.01 -- Promoted to Lt. Jg.
2405.06.24 -- Promoted to Lt.
2410.00.00 -- Arrived on the USS Pathfinder (to be decided)

Psychological Profile

Deloris is very optimistic, and carefree and loves a good practical joke. However, when the chips are down and the ship is in danger, Deloris will be the first to act.

Never does she turn away from a task no matter the cost. The dedicated Officer will always be found with her sleeves rolled up and hard at work. You will never find another officer, that does not have the whimsical charm and dedication to do her duty to not only her crew but also her ship.

Specialties and Skills

Deloris is not only a good Engineer, but she is also a skilled Diplomat her previous hosts having given her life lessons from the joint memories shared.

With a little time and effort, Deloris is capable of learning new skills and figuring out the inner workings of most Engineering items. With her trusty and favorite Hyper Spanner at hand, she can decouple your Energy Matrix faster than you would be able to stop her.

Hobbies and Interests

Deloris was never one for artistry before her joining, but now being able to call upon her previous host's experiences she can often be found either reading, writing poetry, or painting various pictures in the Holodeck, her quarters, and even in the Jefferies tubes.

No one knows Starships like Tilly, as she is happier climbing around the innards of any Starship to do her job.