USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Triss sh'Rinda

Lieutenant Triss sh'Rinda

NameTriss sh'Rinda
Age33 years (as of 2410.10.04)
AssignmentSecurity Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Blue
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 55kg


Starfleet serial number: VR-334-0219 TSU

Date of Birth: 2377.06.03 (Andor)

Mother: unknown if still alive, no contact at all since childhood
Biological father: died in 2386
Adoptive father: died in 2398
Sister: Jessa zh'Rinda (born 2378.12.07)

Triss and her sister grew up without a mother and with an abusive dad. After their dad was stabbed to death in 2386, the two girls were raised by a family friend, a cop named Ghim ch'Ordon.

In late 2394, Triss joined the Andorian police academy, but during her training, she encountered several cases that made her decide the job would not really be what she had envisioned.

She joined Starfleet in 2396 and graduated from the Academy in early 2400, when she was assigned to the USS Valkyrie, briefly being stationed on Pandora Station while awaiting the ship's return from its mission to retrieve the USS Calhoun, which led to the Valkyrie's destruction. She was assigned to the USS Pathfinder instead where she met Melissa Kinnard.

Their friendship turned into a romantic relationship, and in 2401, she moved in with Melissa in shared quarters aboard the Pathfinder.

While on shoreleave on 2403.03.03, the old Terran date being 03.03.03 (and possibly some alcohol) inspired the two women to get married right at that very moment, but they haven't regretted the snap decision at all.

Psychological Profile

Triss can sometimes be impulsive, acting without thinking first, at least not about her own safety. The safety of whomever is under her care always comes first.

Specialties and Skills

Decent at hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Hobbies and Interests



During her time as a trainee at the police academy, she accompanied her foster father when he had to deliver some bad news to the parents of Thy'lok Vrass, former CSO of Pandora Station, who committed suicide on 2395.06.14. This, and a few other bad-news situations, led her to reconsider her choise to join the police, and instead she would enlist into Starfleet, where she felt she could focus more on protecting people.