USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Bart


Age20 years (as of 2410.10.04)
SpeciesHologram (Human)
AssignmentGuido's Bartender (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Bart looks like his creator: an African male. He's pleasant to look at. He looks a bit slim, but he makes that up, by always having a smile at hand.


Bart was created at 2390.09.02, by Borwan Nakuru, at a private research station, on earth. Borwan's initial goal was to sell as many Bart's he could, to the Federation. Unfortunately for him, he was only able to sell one, Bart, as an experimental prototype. Bart was placed on the USS Atlantis, as a holographic bartender, although he's capable of so much more.

Bart enjoyed his years at the Atlantis. Something interesting always happened there: one of the most interesting being the merger of his program with the EEH, the Emergency Engineering Hologram, thus creating 'Glitch'. Bart himself was recovered from a backup module, and now found himself having to be a parent to Glitch. Bart embraced the task with pride, though. He really loves Glitch, even though now s/he is stationed at Jupiter Station, for research purposes.

When the Atlantis had been reassigned as a testbed for experimental propulsion, most of Bart's friends left to join the Odyssey and later Yeager Colony. Bart however, stayed behind because he was linked to the Atlantis. After getting bored with just talking to Engineers who didn't want a piece of technology talking back to them, he went to visit his creator and his child, before asking to be reassigned to Yeager Colony.

Bart quickly asked for a place on the Odyssey to create a bar, which he decorated himself. It was called 'Reg 47'.

At Yeager Colony, Bart set up 'Bart's Beverages'. After having been at Yeager for seven years, an opportunity arose for him to transfer to the Pathfinder to take over 'Guido's'. Bart jumped at the chance.

Psychological Profile

Bart is programmed to interact with others. He knows he's a hologram, and is eager to explore the differences between "holo's", and "non-holo's", as he likes to call hologram's and humanoids. He has got the ability to turn himself on or off, or to transfer himself to any place with holoemitters. Bart's favorite expression is "Live for the moment". He takes great satisfaction in his work, and particularly in the interaction with others.

Specialties and Skills

As a hologram, Bart can take on many forms. He's been programmed to serve drinks, but he's also able to pilot the ship, if allowed. His main specialty is to interact with the crew, and to be an unofficial counselor. "People prefer to talk to a hologram." According to him.

Hobbies and Interests

In his off hours, he likes to go to the holodeck, and recreate his creator's lab, on earth. There, he tries to perfect his program.