USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Angelica Metcalfe

Petty Officer First Class Angelica Metcalfe

NameAngelica Metcalfe
Age33 years (as of 2410.10.04)
AssignmentNurse (USS Pathfinder)
Petty Officer First Class

Physical Appearance

Angie Metcalfe is a striking looking woman, with long, waving brown hair.


Angelica, the middle of three children, had an early fascination with medicine. Her younger sister needed to go to the hospital regularly, and her parents brought her along. So, she spent much of her childhood in a hospital, being fascinated with everything the doctors and nurses did there. Unfortunately, her sister didn't make it, a devastating blow for the family. Young Angelica vowed to make sure she'd do everything in her power to keep other families from feeling this pain, and went on to study medicine.

She found that she much preferred the supporting role of a nurse, than having to take charge as a doctor. So, she specialised on becoming the best nurse she could possibly be. Now, she could just get a job as a regular nurse on one of the many medical facilities in the Federation, but she wanted to go there where she was needed the most. So, she decided to enlist in Starfleet and become a nurse at a Starfleet ship or starbase.

While at the Academy for the enlistment training, she met Henry Metcalfe, a young man who was enlisting to be in Security. The two hit it off from day one, and from one thing came another. The two got married a year later.

Unfortunately, the two of them didn't get much time together, as Starfleet assigned them both to different dutystations. Angelica got assigned to several ships, before she found her way to Gaylord Memorial at Coridan. There, she met one of the doctors, Mark Allen. They met during a period of her life which wasn't easy: she found it difficult to deal with being apart from Henry for so long. At first, Allen and she were just friends, but he was so kind to her, and so attractive, and she was so lonely... before she knew it, they had spent the night together.

Angelica felt incredibly guilty for having betrayed Henry, so she told herself this had just been a one night fling. But the loneliness remained, and Allen was still kind to her, that she couldn't help herself. Several more nights followed.

Angelica's guilt finally made her request a transfer away from Gaylord, to Starbase 13, just to get away from Allen. She didn't want to hurt Henry, so she never told him. It remains a secret up until this day.

Psychological Profile

She loves her husband very much, and it pains her to be away from him for so long. That's why the transfer to the Pathfinder - where there was also an opening in the security department for him - was a dream come true.

Angelica is very good at her job. She keeps the pain of losing her younger sister in her heart and carries it with her, helping to motivate her to be the best nurse she can be.

Specialties and Skills

Her interpersonality skills are top notch. She knows exactly what to say to help calm a patient down. Her colleagues at starbase 13 complimented her on her bedside manner.
Angelica is also not afraid to do the 'dirty' jobs that come with being a nurse, like cleaning the biobeds.

Hobbies and Interests

Angelica likes to work out in her off-hours. Specifically she likes to go to the holodeck and do some rafting on a wild river. She's actually quite good at it!

But most of all, now that she and Henry are reunited on board the Pathfinder, she enjoys spending all the time she can, with him!