USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Mission Logs

Mission List

Thorn in the Side
USS Pathfinder is boarded by a plant creature while investigating an enigmatic jungle planet.
Trial and Retribution
Pathfinder returns to Earth after Commander Alex Denebris-Davis and her husband Matuga Denebris turned themselves in to Captain Montgomery for violations committed during a covert mission.
Risky Roads
Shortly after departure from the Ferenginar spacedocks, Pathfinder receives a distress call from a Ferengi ship being attacked by Orions. The nature of their conflict turns out to be more complicated than it initially seems.
Three Years Later
USS Pathfinder arrives at Pandora Station after having sustained some pretty severe damage to one of the ship's nacelles due to an ion storm.
Song of Swans
Captain PaRel has left the USS Pathfinder, and some of the senior staff move on to new positions elsewhere as well.
The Seed
The USS Pathfinder is sent to investigate Planet IX-23942 after a team of archaeologists on the planet has gone radio silent.
The USS Pathfinder finishes up their shakedown cruise, and a new First Officer arrives.
The Gathering
Unable to escape the gravity well of a collapsing planet, USS Pathfinder gets pulled into subspace and emerges in an unfamiliar place.
A few days into the USS Pathfinder's shakedown cruise, the crew discovers a mysterious ocean world that has a rather peculiar effect on some of the female members of the crew.