USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Mission Log: Trial and Retribution

Trial and Retribution

USS Pathfinder returns to Earth after Commander Alex Denebris-Davis and her husband Matuga Denebris turned themselves in to Captain Montgomery for violations committed during a covert mission.

2404.04.25 - 2404.05.26

Lieutenant Commanders Denebris and Denebris-Davis turned themselves in to Captain Montgomery, insisting that they'd broken several Starfleet and Federation rules helping one side of a war on a planet called Symath III. Upon arrival at Earth, the Denebris-Davis couple was put in a maximum security facility to await investigation. Denebris-Davis however, was soon put in a mental institution to determine if she was sane or not: her story was thought to be too fantastical to be true. She was proven sane and ready to stand trial later on though.

At the same time, the attempted sabotage and attack on the Pathfinder didn't seem to be a one-time thing. Other attacks took place at Andoria and at P'Jem, injuring and killing several people. It was stated that those responsible for the attacks were actually former Sident worshipers: people who had been under Sident mindcontrol during the Sident war. In reaction to this, Admiral Stephen Prentice, in charge of Starfleet security, started rounding up people who'd been under Sident mindcontrol. He was convinced that their one-time allegiance to the Sident was a permanent thing, and that they were a danger to Starfleet and the entire Federation.

Prentice's search for vengeance focused mostly on Lieutenant Commander Ditch. Prentice made sure Ditch's career was all but over: something Ditch talked about in an interview he had with a local newspaper, from the village of Strathpeffer, Scotland. This interview enraged Prentice even more, and he started a search for Ditch, as well as trying to shut down the newspaper. Both attempts were unsuccessful, with Ditch going into hiding, and the newspaper editor, Betty Effingham, being arrested but then released because she was a minor. She, with the help of former Valkyrie captain X'ok PaRel, also went into hiding, because Prentice sent out armed teams to find her.

In the meantime, the person allegedly responsible for the attacks on P'Jem and Andoria, made himself known: it was Nylok, who happened to be Lt.Cmdr. Kinnard's father. He, together with Pandora's STC Jaal and ASTC DeBont, as well as the Pathfinder's ACSO Rusit, managed to find those who *were* responsible for the attacks, and they even apprehended their contact. They made their way to the Pathfinder, and transfered their prisoners to JAG.

Prentice continued to arrest former Sident controlled people, much to the shock of the Pathfinder crew. Lt.Cmdr. Summers took a particular interest in Prentice, and went to Strathpeffer to talk to PaRel and to find Ditch, who'd been hiding in the area. Prentice also found out, and sent out armed parties to apprehend Ditch and anyone who might be helping him. Pretty soon, the village of Strathpeffer was under Starfleet attack, with the villagers fighting back any way they could. Luckily, help came from the Pathfinder and other ships in orbit, as both they and Starfleet Command found this brutal attack an affront to everything Starfleet stood for. Admiral Prentice was ultimately arrested. Later on, it was found out that he and those who followed him, were actually responsible for the attacks on the Pathfinder, P'Jem and Andoria.

With that out of the way, the trial for Lt.Cmdr.'s Denebris and Denebris-Davis was soon to begin. Their story, of being forced to help one side of a war, was confirmed when Ensign Waters, their contact during their mission, came forward and confessed to the whole thing.