USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Mission Log: Risky Roads

Risky Roads

Shortly after departure from the Ferenginar spacedocks, Pathfinder receives a distress call from a Ferengi ship being attacked by Orions. The nature of their conflict turns out to be more complicated than it initially seems.

2404.04.20 - 2404.04.21

Shortly after the departure from the Ferengi spacedocks, the Pathfinder receives a distress call. It turns out to be a Ferengi ship, under attack by Orion fighters. The Orion captain, a man named Bodig, accused the Ferengi Daimon Brokk of stealing their cargo. As it turned out, a Ferengi named Brak was responsible. The Pathfinder's crew were shocked to learn that the cargo Brak had stolen was actually Orion slavegirls, to be sold on the Ferengi colony of Profit.

The crew decided to attempt a rescue mission, to get those girls out of Brak's hands. Lieutenant Commander Summers was put in charge of this stealth mission, with Lieutenant Commander Tyler, Doctor Mae-Sing, Lieutenant Lee and Lieutenant Junior Grade Za'cijimaa coming along as well. In order to blend in with the lawless colony of Profit, Summers had cosmetic surgery to appear half-Klingon, while Za'cijimaa shaved her hair.

The away team took the Captain's personal ship, the Gallumbits, to Profit. There, they quickly discovered that Brak, with his two Nausicaan bodyguards, was indeed trying to sell the Orion slavegirls. While Summers distracted Brak, Mae-Sing, and Tyler went in to help the girls to escape.

Meanwhile, on the Pathfinder, two carnivorous Delta Vegan dodos escaped their confinement and caused havoc on the ship. Luckily, the two birds were caught by security forces.