USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Mission Log: Intermission


USS Pathfinder finishes up their shakedown cruise, and a new First Officer arrives.

2400.07.13 - 2400.07.20

USS Pathfinder returned to the Utopia Planitia fleet yards for a quick checkup and the crew got to enjoy a few days of shore leave. Chief Engineer Glarus got a surprise visit by some family members.

2400.07.20 - 2400.08.13

The Pathfinder arrived at Pandora Station to drop off a passenger and they received new orders to complete their shakedown cruise: a short trip at transwarp to chart an unmapped nebula at the edge of Federation space.


With the Pathfinder back at Pandora Station, it was time to celebrate Captain PaRel's birthday. During the party, one of Glarus's brood made a startling discovery about themselves. PaRel's foster son decided he wants to undergo the Klingon Rite of Ascension to become a full member of PaRel's House of K'Plarr.


Captain PaRel asked Lt Commander Montgomery for the open First Officer position. Montgomery accepted the offer.

2400.09.11 - 2400.10.01

Captain PaRel, his wife Doctor MacKenzie, Chris, and (most of) the Schofield family left on their trip for Qo'noS. While on the Klingon Homeworld, Chris Stevens underwent the Rite of Ascension. This took a heavy toll on his body. As soon as he could travel, the group returned to Pandora Station. It was at this time that PaRel learned that his grandfather K'Plarr had passed away (back on Qo'nos) during the return journey.

2400.09.12 - 2400.09.22

Yeoman Warros was kidnapped from her hotel room at Risa and taken to some facility on an asteroid by her captors. Several days later a team from the Pathfinder tracked down Warros location and showed up to rescue her.