USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Mission Log: Three Years Later

Three Years Later

USS Pathfinder arrives at Pandora Station after having sustained some pretty severe damage to one of the ship's nacelles due to an ion storm.

OOC - We're Back!

After a hiatus of a few months, several players have returned to continue the Pathfinder's adventures.

2404.03.12 - 2404.03.13

The USS Tolstoy arrived at Pandora Station in a bad shape after a disastrous encounter with a quantum filament, causing severe damage to the ship, and causing several fatalities among her crew, including the captain. The ship's Second Officer, Commander Jonathan Ditch (the former Chief of Operations of the Pathfinder), was the one who had to deliver the bad news to Captain Kane at Pandora Station.

Aboard Pandora Station, another former crewmember of the Pathfinder had arrived: Commander Schofield's adopted daughter, Lil'ana, who managed to get herself arrested by the station's Chief of Security, with some assistance of the Pathfinder's new Chief of Conn Aya Lee, after the girl had tried to get aboard another ship with forged paperwork.

Meanwhile, the USS Pathfinder was enroute to Pandora Station to pick up some new crew, when they received a distress signal from a civilian freighter with some engine trouble and an ion storm heading their way. While they were able to rescue the freighter's crew and most of its cargo, the Pathfinder was unable to leave the area in time and was caught in the ion storm, leading to severe damage of the port nacelle and a few injured members of the crew.

The Pathfinder limped back to Pandora Station, arriving just before noon on 2404.03.13, and only then it was discovered that the ion storm had claimed a life: Doctor Iverson had succumbed to internal injuries.


Repairs to the ship are ongoing. Surely nothing is going to interfere with that.