USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Science Facilities

Sojourner Plaza

The main hub of the Sciences Division's facilities is located on Deck 10. Offices for the senior staff and a briefing room surround a small rotunda, with a model of the 20th century NASA martian rover Sojourner on display in the center.


The collection of plants on display in the ship's Arboretum changes over time. New plants that are collected by the Botany department and are deemed suitable for the climate conditions within the Arboretum (and are of course no danger to the crew) are added regularly for the crew to enjoy and study.

There are five large planter sections, with one section dedicated mostly to plants native to the planet Earth, but it also includes several plants from other planets (taken from the botanical gardens at Starfleet Academy on Earth). One example of these is a Talosian singing plant, which produces a pleasant chiming sound with its blue leaves as they move in the Arboretum's simulated breeze.

The lights in the room simulate an average M-class world's sunlight with a day-night cycle that is synchronized with the ship's chronometer (so usually 24 hours).