USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200


Main Bridge

The Main Bridge of the USS Pathfinder is embedded deeper into the ship's primary hull compared to some other starship classes. The bridge is physically located halfway between Decks 1 and 2. The bridge can be accessed via turbolifts, a hallway from Deck 1, and through the Conference Room on Deck 2.

Bridge layout

The command chairs are located in the center of the bridge, to maximize interaction with all key bridge personnel, while permitting an unobstructed view of the main viewscreen. The armrests of the Captain's chair feature miniaturized status displays, while the ship's First Officer to the right of the captain, and the third seat to the left (for VIPs, mission specialists, or whomever the captain would like to sit there), have access to larger control panels.

Directly in front of the command chairs are the Flight Control and Operations stations.

The main station on the port (left) side of the bridge is Tactical & Security, with the main control panel facing the viewscreen. Its counterpart on the starboard (right) side of the bridge is the main Science station. The two remaining stations on either side are used depending on mission requirements, with retractable seats available when needed.

Directly behind the command chairs, and in front of the Master System Display, is the Engineering station.

The bridge's domed ceiling has a circular window in the center.

Ready Room

The captain's Ready Room is located behind the bridge and is accessed via the hallway that leads up to Deck 1. The Ready Room also has access to a small private head, and a door to the Captain's quarters. Windows in the ceiling allow a view of space outside.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is located on Deck 2, accessed via the door to the right of the main viewscreen on the bridge. The Conference Room has another entrance from Deck 2. The curved ceiling features large windows allowing a view of space above and (limited) in front of the ship.