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Technical Specifications

Starship Specifications

NameUSS Pathfinder
ClassVesta Class
TypeMulti-Mission Explorer
LaunchedStardate 77497.5 (2400.07.01)
DimensionsLength: 672 meters
Width: 195 meters
Height: 88 meters
Mass3.2 million metric tons
ArmamentsType XIII phaser arrays and cannons
Torpedo tubes (photon, quantum, transphasic, tricobalt)
DefenceRegenerative shields
Heavy duranium/tritanium double hull and Type I ablative armor
PropulsionMark IIIb transwarp engine
Impulse systems
Warp SpeedsNormal cruise: Warp 8
Maximum cruise: Warp 9.975
Maximum cruise (transwarp): Transwarp 9.99
Maximum rated: Transwarp 9.995 sustainable for 36 hours
SensorsHigh resolution: 10 lightyears
Medium resolution: 30 lightyears
High-definition Class IX subspace sensor array


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