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Support Craft

Support Craft Overview

Equipped with a transwarp drive, the USS Pathfinder's missions often take place far beyond the reach of additional Starfleet support and therefore the ship has a large and varied complement of support craft available.

Jimi HendrixCaptain's Yacht, customized
USS CoridanArrow-class Transwarp runabout, registry: NX-78647
USS NightingaleDanube-class runabout, medical configuration
USS Archer
USS Solkar
Danube-class runabout, standard configuration
Abbey Road
Northwest Passage
Silk Road
Type-9 shuttlecraft
Bourbon Street
La Pigalle
Route 66
Type-11 shuttlecraft
Road Scholars (Science and Tactical support squadron)
ForgeGamma Flyer
Delta Flyer


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