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Technical Specifications

Starbase Specifications

NamePandora Station
RegistryStarbase 243
ClassCeylon Class Space Station
CommissionedStardate 28647 (2351.08.25)
Starfleet RefitStardate 51858 (2374.11.10)
DimensionsDiameter: 2,250 meters
Height: 655 meters
Mass180 million metric tons
Crew985 officers, 2,500 enlisted personnel
5,530 permanent civilian residents
Armaments40× Type XIII phaser arrays
20× Type XII phaser arrays
20× Type 3 Mk-5 Burst Fire Torpedo tubes (photon, quantum)
DefenceHigh Capacity Regenerative shield system
Heavy polyduranium/tritanium double hull and ablative armour
SensorsMaximum resolution: 10 lightyears
Medium resolution: 35 lightyears
4× High-definition Class IX subspace sensor arrays
Docking Facilities8 external docking ports on either docking ring
Internal docking bay (space door dimensions: 2× 200 m by 110 m, 2× 350 m by 110 m), 2 main berths, Starfleet use only
Shuttlebays 11 through 20, and 22 can hold runabouts and other small vessels, the rest are shuttles only
Transporters55 personnel transporter rooms
30 bulk cargo transporters
350 internal site-to-site transporters (can be used as emergency transporters)
100 emergency transporters
Holographic Systems59 Holodecks and a number of smaller holosuites on the Promenade
Station-wide holo emitter grid for Emergency Medical Holograms and the station AI's holographic avatar


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