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Mission Logs


USS Pathfinder is docked at Pandora Station, awaiting Command's decision about a new Commanding Officer, after Captain X'ok PaRel's departure a few months earlier. Over the course of those months, a few other senior staff positions had opened up as some of the crew moved on to pursue new adventures and opportunities, some filled again, others also still awaiting new crew.

OOC - Farewell

A huge thanks to all of the players who created the adventures of the USS Pathfinder; and the USS Calhoun, USS Odyssey, USS Arakov, USS Valkyrie, Pandora Station, USS Atlantis, and Yeager Colony before that. Probably not many of the old-timers who were there at the start in 2000 could have imagined everything we and our characters have accomplished over the last eightteen years.


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