USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Pallra Vil

Pallra Vil

NamePallra Vil
Age12 years (as of 2404.04.20)
AssignmentCrew Family Member (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Human/Bajoran female. Lanky build due to recent growth spurts. She has gray-green eyes, and medium length dark hair that is sometimes worn as a ponytail.

Her Bajoran nose ridges are a lot more pronounced than her sister's, and she's about half a head taller.


Parents: Eric Vil and Marfek Lani (both deceased)

Pallra Vil and her twin sister Tara were born on 2391.12.12 aboard the USS Epimetheus, where both their parents served at the time.

When the Sident attacked at the start of 2399, her mother was killed, and her father was fatally injured. He died a few weeks later in a Starfleet hospital on Earth, and the twins went to live with their aunt Zoë (their father's sister) and uncles Leo Montgomery and Scott Doohan.

In September 2400, Pallra, her sister Tara, her cousin Krista, and cat Fidget, moved to the USS Pathfinder when her uncle Leo became that ship's First Officer.

Psychological Profile

Pallra can be quite shy and quiet. Nearly-photographic memory.

Hobbies and Interests

Tabletop roleplaying. Her main character is the Silent Paladin.

Usually when Tara and Krista have taken some device apart, it'll be Pallra who has to put it back together again.


Half Human, half Bajoran, but there is also a pretty much negligible bit of Betazoid due to a Betazoid ancestor.