USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Naomi Mae-Sing

Lieutenant Naomi Mae-Sing

NameNaomi Mae-Sing
Age35 years (as of 2404.04.20)
AssignmentChief Medical Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: Asian
Height: 1m55
Weight: 61 kg

All her life, Naomi has struggled with the fact that people just didn't seem to notice her. Part of this was because she wasn't all that tall. She's come to terms with her height though, and sometimes uses it to avoid being seen. When on duty though, she tends to take good care of herself: her long, black hair is always tied up in a ponytail, and she always looks sharp in her uniform. Except of course, when she's been working throughout the night, or when she's working out.


Naomi was born in Japan, to successful parents. Her father was an architect and her mother was a schoolteacher. They'd been trying to have children, but they hadn't had much success. In fact, doctors told them that it was more than likely they'd never have children. However, against all odds, Naomi's mother became pregnant! They were going to have a daughter. They were overjoyed! They named their child 'Ami', which meant 'beloved'.

From the day she was born, her parents had her future laid out for her. Not because they wanted her to be like them, but because they loved her and wanted what was best for her. Therefore, they sent their daughter to the best schools and had her participate in all kinds of after-school activities, from violin classes to karate. They figured that their daughter had been a miracle, and was destined for greatness.

Unfortunately, all this pressure got to Ami. She tried to be the prodigy her parents wanted her to be, but she kept bumping into walls. She barely made it through her violin lessons, and was so nervous during the final performances, that she struck the wrong notes during her grand solo. That became the theme for her during her early life: every time people expected something great and extraordinary of her, she became so nervous that she failed. By the time she was 12, she had convinced herself she couldn't do anything right. As a result, her schoolratings dropped significantly. She knew everything that the teachers taught, but when it came to showing it in tests, she froze.

Her parents reacted the only way they knew how: by sending Ami to a summercamp, in the hope she'd build confidence. That was the worst thing they could have done: Ami just felt more nervous and spent most of the camp isolated from the other children. In fact, during a trip through the woods, Ami decided to go back to the camp so that she could read further, rather than engage in this social activity. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell down a canyon, breaking several bones, before ultimately losing consciousness.

When she woke up, she found herself in a hospital. A kind doctor explained to her what happened, how she'd been found and brought here. The fact that she could be hurt so easily frightened her somewhat, but to hear that these doctors had fixed all the damage, filled her with awe. It was then and there she made the decision: she wanted to know what these doctors knew.

In the next few years, her relationship with her parents suffered. While they supported Ami's eagerness to learn about medicine, they wanted to prepare her for the best possible future... which means forcing her to take additional classes. After all, if being a doctor or a nurse didn't work out, she'd have something to fall back on. Ami didn't like that at all. When she finally went to university to study to become a doctor, she moved out of the house and cut all ties with her parents. She also changed her name: no longer did she want to be called 'Ami'. She was Naomi now.

To further distance herself from her parents, she joined Starfleet. After the Academy, she got posted at Pandora Station, where she served as medical officer under CMO Vok for several years. When the latter left, Naomi was promoted to Lt.jg and CMO.

In her time as Chief Medical Officer on board Pandora Station, Naomi grew a lot, both as a doctor and a person. She grew more at ease with herself, though her perfectionism still plagued her sometimes. She even took up additional security training, and found she actually enjoyed herself when sparring with others.

Four years after, Naomi got the opportunity to become CMO on board the USS Pathfinder. Feeling that she'd learned all she could on board Pandora Station, she asked for a transfer.

Psychological Profile

The pressure her parents put on her, created deep wounds for Naomi. As a result, she can often be jumpy and nervous, especially when she thinks someone's expecting something of her that's outside her comfort zone. Relaxing is another thing Naomi finds difficult to do, since her parents always pushed her to work harder. She can be very perfectionistic and finds it difficult to give up. She has found a way to use that to her advantage, though: when working on a patient, she is one of the last people to give up.

There were some concerns when Dr. Vok made Naomi CMO, but so far she's proven to be steady enough to handle the pressure. Psychological evaluation indicates that when Naomi does something she wants to do, she becomes less nervous and can handle the pressure easier.

The fight training she received also seemed to strengthen her self confidence and her ability to relax. She's more at ease with herself now, though her perfectionism and social awkwardness sometimes show themselves still.

Specialties and Skills

Naomi's a fast learner. She actually skipped a class during medical school because she already knew all the lectures. However, if she's not interested in a subject, or doesn't see the need to study, she'll struggle to understand it.

A few years ago, she received a bat'leth from a patient of hers. Since then, she's been taking fight training alongside security personnel, and she now finds she's quite proficient with the blade, as well as with some other weapons and martial-arts. She's no security officer, but she can hold herself in a fight.

Hobbies and Interests

Naomi never had much time for hobbies. Reading and studying was what she usually did. It did give her an appreciation for the works of literature, though. And not just from Earth: she'd collected lots of stories from all across the Federation and beyond.

In the last few years she's taken up fight training. As a result, her skills with the bat'leth and other weapons has increased. She finds she actually enjoys working out like this.