USS Pathfinder • 190601.1200

Personnel File for Erina D'Jaan

Petty Officer Second Class Erina D'Jaan

NameErina D'Jaan
Age22 years (as of 2404.04.20)
AssignmentEngineer (USS Pathfinder)
Petty Officer Second Class

Physical Appearance

¾ Cardassian. Medium height, thin, pretty


Born: 03.11.2382, Cardassia
02.14.2386 - Return to Bajor
03.11.2400 - Joined Starfleet
07.01.2400 - Assigned to USS Pathfinder
06.20.2401 - Marries Marc Vale

Father: Glin Ephrahl D'Jaan, Cardassian soldier.
Mother: Aven N'Bree, Bajoran/Cardassian

When the Cardassian occupation ended in 2369, Glin D'Jaan took his young half-Bajoran servant girl with him back to Cardassia. When the servant became pregnant in 2381 it became a problem, as the Glin was married. So, he put the mother and child up in a separate apartment in the nearby city. They lived there for a few years, but they were outcasts in Cardassian society. Under pressure from his wife and commanding officers, he finally sent them back to Bajor in 2386.

Life was hard for the young half-Cardassian woman and her mostly-Cardassian child. They were outcasts on Bajor as well, so they tried to return to Cardassia for a while, but that didn't work out. They returned to Bajor and Aven eked out a living however she could.

On her 18th birthday, Erina joined Starfleet as an enlisted person. She was near the top of her class in boot camp, and was happy to find herself assigned to the Frontier Fleet's newest ship, the USS Pathfinder. Rose through the ranks fairly quickly.

Married Marc Vale, the civilian proprietor of Guido's, on 2401.06.20.

Psychological Profile

Angry and friendless. Throws herself into her work. Very intelligent, receiving commendations throughout her recruit training. Mainly keeps her mouth shut and does her job, but sometimes acts out if pushed too hard. Especially sensitive about her race. Loves to get lost in fantasy.

Attitude has improved considerably since beginning her relationship with Marc Vale.

Specialties and Skills

Has shown an aptitude for fixing things. Lots of mechanical skill.

Hobbies and Interests

Likes to read, especially Terran mysteries and old science fiction. Loves music, and again, leans toward old Terran recordings of jazz and classical music.


Very bitter. Always expects the worst, and in her life has been rarely disappointed. When she's losing herself in her work, or some kind of entertainment, can be very nice. The first people who were ever nice to she and her mother were Starfleet people, and especially the Humans.