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Personnel file for Ysira


Age23 years (as of 2404.03.12)
SpeciesUnnamed humanoid
AssignmentExobotany Lab Assistant (Moved to Pandora Station)

Physical Appearance

Ysira is an average sized (about 1.60m), furry humanoid, with both feline and canine facial features, and a short fluffy fox-like tail. She has skyblue eyes.

Her light brown fur has three distinct shades: Darker on the front, hands and feet, ears, and underside of the tails, and a much lighter stripe along her back, that continues across the top of the tail.


Birthdate: 2380.11.10

Ysira and her tribe-sister Erida were born in a labour camp on a moon that orbited a purple gas giant. Their parents were part of a group of about 240 slaves that were forced to work in the Pergium mines on the moon.

On 2391.11.30 one of the owners of the mine, who planned to sell several of the slaves' children, took Erida, Ysira, and two others, to several nearby trading outposts. The two other slaves were sold first, and on the evening of 2392.02.12, aboard an Orion spacestation, a slave trader was found who wanted to buy the two girls. They managed to escape and hid aboard a cargo freighter that was docked at the station.

They were found by the ship's captain, a Caitian named Yllione M'Tress, who allowed them to stay with her after hearing their story. M'Tress also tried to track down where the girls had come from, but without success.

In November 2393, both girls were adopted by M'Tress, and they have lived with her aboard M'Tress's ship the Danthres.


The homeworld of Erida and Ysira's species is an M-class planet somewhere in the Beta quadrant. Their civilization was on the verge of developing faster-than-light travel, when in 2365, a global ecological disaster decimated the planet's population and left the planet unable to sustain life for much longer. With the last remaining resources, twenty-four spaceships (named Eto'Zhar, or 'New World', 1 to 24) were built to evacuate a portion of the survivors (about 100 per ship). With the evacuees in stasis pods, the ships were launched in six groups of 4, toward different destinations, where they hoped to find M-class worlds to settle on (based on data gathered by long range sensor probes).

One group of ships, the Eto'Zhar 9, 10, and 12 (the 11 presumed lost or destroyed), arrived at their programmed location in 2379, in orbit of an M-class world, Xul.

The Xullians, who had recently successfully managed to regain their independence from the Klingon Empire, were not very happy to see these new arrivals, but as the automated ships had already started to bring its passengers out of stasis, and the ships had been built for a one-way journey only. Only a small number was allowed to live on Xul itself, with the rest of them being taken to the Pergium mines on a moon of Xul-III.

The "Eto'Zharians" were never told the name of the planet Xul by the Xullians, which is why Erida and Ysira don't know exactly where they're from.

The girls' species has never been documented before by Starfleet or Federation scientists, nor by the Klingon empire (at least as far as M'Tress and the Federation adoption authorities could find out).


Their appearance is based on the Jogauni species created by Luskwood -
Another good image of what their fur pattern looks like:


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