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Personnel file for Alicia Warros

Ensign Alicia Warros

NameAlicia Warros
Age38 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentYeoman (Transfer to Starbase 111)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Blue
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 82 kg

Fit and attractive. The attached photo is not what Alicia actually looks like, but was created using a piece of software which lets you see what you would look like if you were another species. (Alicia also has photos of herself as a Klingon, Vulcan and Bolian.)


Alicia was born to Xapory and Cy'vall Cynarrosso in the city of Lol'Vela. During her childhood, her father was extremely overprotective of her. This led her feeling suffocated. Her mother did not support her, so she turned to her uncle Bynock. It was Bynock who suggested that she could join Starfleet. When Alicia was sixteen, she - with help of Bynock and her nephew Yomis - escaped the house and successfully enlisted.

The first couple of years of her career were uneventful. Then - in 2395 - she had a fateful encounter with Commodore Rostislav, which left her with her phobias. Since then, she has tried to keep out of the limelight. Eventually - in early 2399 - she was transferred to the USS Valkyrie.

Several months later, she was assigned to a mission into Romulan space. It was during this mission that she developed a romantic relationship with Givar Paro. August of that year (2399) brought a shocking revelation...Xapory was not her father, Bynock was. This left her rattled for a short period of time. But in the end she recovered.

In November 2399, she and Givar Paro got married. This was done with the permission of her family, who were extremely pleased with this development. In 2400, she began Captain PaRel's yeoman and was assigned to the USS Pathfinder.


2366.01.12: Born
2384.01.17: Escapes from her house and enlists in Starfleet.
November 2395: Has encounter with Commodore Alexei Rostislav which leads to her phobia.
2395.12.31: First day of duty on Pandora Station.
2396.02.05: Departs Pandora Station for Delta Vega Outpost.
2399.01.01: Arrives aboard the Valkyrie.
2399.01.02: Joins the crew.
2399.01.04: Works in Science Lab One.
July 2399: Joins mission to Eph-2 and begins relationship with Givar Paro.
2399.08.03: Discovers her true parentage.
2399.11.07: Elopes and marries Givar Paro aboard SS Waroni
2400.04.05: Becomes Yeoman and is promoted to CPO shortly after.

Psychological Profile

Crewman Warros suffers from Duxophobia, a fear of one's boss. In her case, the manifests itself as a fear of officers. She also suffers from Doxophobia, a fear of receiving praise. Counselors at her past postings have attempted to dissect the cause of this, but have all classified this as a chicken-and-the-eggs situation. The result of these phobias is that Warros avoids all non-essential contact with officers.

Specialties and Skills

Alicia is an expert in the field of particle physics.

Hobbies and Interests

Swimming. She and Lil'ana Lauvell like to go swimming together. Recently, she had also taken up painting and found that she has inherited her father's talent.

(Bynock is a expert painter. His painting are in high demand all over the Federation.)


Alicia's birthday name is AlonI'bracia Cynarrosso. She used a special clause to simplify her first name to Alicia. She uses her mothers maiden name of Warros.


Father: Bynock C.
Mother: Cy'vall C.
Half-Brother: Yomis C.
Uncle: Xapory C.
Aunt: Yavor Pail'Lizzo (Bynock's Ex.)


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