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Personnel file for Jessica Truesdale

Commander Jessica Truesdale

NameJessica Truesdale
Age40 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentChief Medical Officer (USS Pathfinder)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: White
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 63 kilo

Jessica is a tall woman whose body is fairly slim but not too thin. She has also has a strength one may not expect from her, this thanks to her many years of working with horses. She is also said to have an almost alluring smile which comes forward fairly often.

Her eyes are of a dark green, which most of the time is glittering with life. She has long blond hair, which she wears in a braid or some other arrangement while on duty to keep it out of her way. Off duty she prefers to keep it loose.

Usually the only make up she wears is mascara but to parties and other special functions, she doesn't mind standing before the mirror a bit longer. Her clothing off duty usually is a simple top and a pair of jeans.


On July 14th, 2363, Jessica was born to her Swedish mother Jenny Hedlund and American father, John Truesdale. Both were in Starfleet and as their only child Jessica was from day one expected to follow in their footsteps. To their dismay however, Jessica took more of an interest in her aunt’s horses than mathematics or science as expected.

For a long time, Jessica held her ground against her parents but the struggle proved too hard for the young girl. At age 18, she relented and took the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy and to her delight she wasn't accepted immediately.

Unfortunately for her she had an influential father and after some calls she was accepted after all. She entered the Academy in 2381, on the medical track, mostly just to further antagonize her parents who had wanted her to go into science or at least engineering.

After the academy which she graduated from in 2385 with not so flying colours, she served a short tour on the USS Agamemnon as a nurse but it wasn’t what she had expected it to be and decided after much thought to Medical School after all and pursue a full medical degree.

Medical School was easier for her as she herself wanted it and this time her studies were more successful and she graduated in 2390 with an M.D.

She served a year on the USS Nightingale as a Medical Officer where she despite her fair share of disagreements with the CMO could show her abilities as a physician. She was recognized for this and in March 2391 she was reassigned to the Pandora Station as their Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

On Pandora she quickly found her place and she rose rapidly through the ranks. In the end of her time there she was Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer.

The biggest change though was her deep friendship with the Pandora ACMO, Threnn Vok. A friendship that quickly blossomed into a passionate relationship. Unfortunately, it all ended in tragedy with the death of their unborn child and Jessica, blaming herself fled from the station, to go on a deep space mission on her mother’s ship, the USS Oklahoma, in the Beta Quadrant.

A year after the Oklahoma was attacked by a rogue element of the Orion syndicate. During the ensuing battle, over half of the Oklahoma crew had to lay down their lives in defence of the ship.

Eventually the crew were driven to abandon ship by the boarding parties and set the auto destruct of the ship. Their ordeal didn't end there as the surviving crew were abducted from their escape pods by the attackers.

They were forced into various forms of slavery and with Starfleet having written them off as first missing in action and then the ship confirmed destroyed with all hands, their numbers slowly began to dwindle by the harsh conditions of their captivity.

They weren't located until over two years later by Sahar Khatibi, a recent “associate” of Jessica's father, Admiral John Truesdale. Together with Threnn Vok and Pandora's STC Hanya Jaal they all launched an rescue mission and were shocked to discover only 12 surviving Oklahoma crew members.

Out of them both Jessica and her mother had survived though. Jessica having faired better than the others because she was the only surviving medical personnel and had been thought of as too valuable, as a Starfleet Doctor whose services they could sell, for them to abuse her physically.

To facilitate the rehabilitation of the long splintered family the entire Truesdale family relocated to Jessica's aunt's farm outside of Stockholm, Sweden where they began a long period of recovery. Jessica's mother retired from Starfleet and her father took a teaching position at the Academy while Jessica herself took a long leave of absence to try and come to terms with life's cruelties once again.

She started to work at the farm, helping out with the horses and competing with the younger ones to get them recognition for potential buyers as well as organizing riding camps.

She stayed away from Starfleet as well as the medical profession for over 2 years. It wasn’t until in 2397 that she started working as a Doctor again at a family clinic. In 2398 she was visiting Yeager Colony when it was attacked and suffered major casualties. Truesdale was thrust back into being a trauma surgeon and discovered how much she had missed the action.

She returned to Starfleet and was first stationed at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. From there her former Captain, Jeff Jalando, recruited her to fill in as CMO on the Odyssey during the Sident crisis in the beginning of 2399.
Truesdale loved being back in the thick of it and saved the life of her Captain when he was shot point blank. Unfortunately Starfleet Command’s decision to sequest crewmembers of telepathic species severly hurt her belief in Starfleet and her superior officers.

She couldn’t leave however, the organisation, as much as she now despised what it had become, had suffered massive casulaties during the Sident invasion and suddenly Truesdale was one of few senior medical officers left in the fleet. She was needed. She remained as CMO of Yeager colony and the Odyssey until 2400. She was then assigned as the CMO of the new Frontier Fleet ship, USS Pathfinder.

Psychological Profile

Ever since the beginning Jessica resisted Starfleet, Starfleet was the reason that kept her parents away from her as a child for long periods of time and she joined more or less against her will.

Jessica is however a very loyal person, especially with people she trusts and care for (which she do about her parents despite their lack of presence in her childhood). So even though she didn’t like Starfleet she did her best in the Academy. But if you do something you feel you can’t enjoy, day out and day in, it affects your performance and she was never in the top percentage in the Academy.

She kept to her self and had great doubts about whatever she did. She felt out of place and no belonging in the 'fleet. She did however love helping and healing people. She was at a crossroads a year into her first posting. She could quit or commit fully. She choose the latter and entered Medical School with renewed energy.

It didn't take very long for her to realize that while Starfleet hadn't been right in itself, being a Doctor was. She grew more comfortable and her true personality showed itself more and more, displaying an open, glad and smiling person.

Her loyalty to Starfleet was once again challenged however during the recent Sident crisis and with Starfleet command’s controversial decision to sequester telepathic crewmembers across the entire fleet. Jessica was fiercly against it and she was not afraid to voice it.

She has a fiery temper which she sometimes unleashes on those she feels deserve it, no matter if they were a superior or not. She says her mind, period. Jess as she likes to be called by friends, is also a very stubborn person in almost every situations and set together with her temper; she makes a very bad person to pick an argument with. Indeed if it hadn’t been for her skill in the OR she would no doubt not have advanced to the rank she holds today.

After her two years in captivity she received regular counselling until her posting to the Odyssey. On the Pathfinder she has struck a deal with Counsellor Haivurz. She helps him better his non existant bedside manner and in exchange he gets to help her face the last horrors of her captivity which she barely acknowledge exist.

Specialties and Skills

In Medical School Jessica specialized herself first in general surgery and then specifically trauma care. After her years in captivity she has also become very accustomed to what could only be called battlefield surgery. There were limited resources and with sometimes a literal gun to her head she had no choice but to adapt and still treat every patient her captor put in front of her.

She speaks both Swedish and Federation Standard (English) fluently.

Hobbies and Interests

Horses have been in Jessica's life as long as she can remember and is the best thing in the world in her mind, counting out her work, which she has learned to love. Her passion in horse sports are Eventing, which is made up of Dressage, cross country and jumping.

Eventing is considered as the toughest sport involving horses and because of its influence Jessica has become interested in other 'extreme' sports. Such as for example orbital sky diving.


Mother: Captain Jenny Hedlund, previously of the USS Oklahoma, now retired.
Father: Admiral John Truesdale, previously of Starfleet Intelligence. Now assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor.
Aunt: Elizabeth Hedlund, Stockholm, Sweden, Earth.


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