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Personnel file for Christopher Stevens

Christopher Stevens

NameChristopher Stevens
Age18 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentCrew Family Member (Moved to live/work with uncle)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 5' 7
Weight: 112 lbs.

Average looking Human kid.


Born February 5, 2386. Chris has had a rough life. Born on a starbase to Irwin and Joan Stevens, by the time he was 10 both his parents had been killed in the line of duty. He was adopted by a Selay science officer named Sss'ssS'teve. When his guardian returned to his homeworld, Chris found life there too difficult. And so, he was returned to his previous home, the USS Valkyrie. Has no other known family.

Was formally adopted by Captain X'ok PaRel and LtCdr. Brigit MacKenzie.

2396.03.01 - Mom died
2396.08.25 - Dad died
2397.10.01 - Left for Selay
2399.01.07 - Returned to USS Valkyrie

Psychological Profile

Intelligent child, but a life filled with trauma; the death of both his parents, and his rejection by his adopted father's society. Very polite, and hates to be a bother to anybody. Likes to observe and study a situation before participating. Eager to please. Parents were very loving and intelligent.

Specialties and Skills

Picks up languages fairly quickly. Performs well in school.

Hobbies and Interests

Loves animals of all types, the more exotic the better. Also loves to play sports.


Parents were both Starfleet enlisted personnel. Chris lived most of his life aboard the Valkyrie before going to Selay.

Ensign Sss'ssS'teve - Guardian
Krr'iss'ssS - Chris' name, to the Selay


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