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Personnel file for Marcus Sedecim

Marcus Sedecim

NameMarcus Sedecim
Age8 years (as of 2404.03.12)
SpeciesHologram (Human)
AssignmentEmergency Medical Hologram (Transfer to Starbase 111)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1.80 m

Originally Marcus - like all other Mark XVI's - had the face of Theodore Abraham Jefferson. (An operations officer on Pandora Station.) However, when he returned to the USS Valkyrie, he found that he had replaced by a Mark XIX EMH that looked exactly like him.

So he reprogrammed his appearance to avoid confusion. After an exhaustive search of the database, Marcus chose the face of a 20th century actor called Alan Rickman. In July of 2400, he had an accident that caused his appearance to change again.

Other changes to his program include the adding of genitalia, lungs and the capacity to grow a beard.


Marcus was first activated aboard Jupiter Station, where he has put through a series of tests. During the first year of his life, Marcus was rarely off-line. The reason for the was an attractive Trill female named Yarra Pimor.

Yarra was assigned to the station as Junior Programming. At the time of his activation, she was un-joined, but on the candidate list for a symbiont. Over the months that followed, two of them slowly fell in love. But then - in November 2396 - news came. Yarra had been chosen for a symbiont.

The merge affected her taste in men and she soon broke off her relationship with Marcus. An hour later, orders came in and he was shipped to the USS Valkyrie. Alas, life there didn't get much better....

Due to doctor Mackenzie's general dislike of EMH programs, he was only activated twice in 2397. Once by Doctor Menzen and once by accident by Max - the Schofield family dog - when the ship was trapped in orbit at Tsynaia. This was the only period during his service on the Valkyrie when he activated for a prolonged period of time.

In 2398, Marcus grew more isolated and depressed. Until in December 2398, Conyas Norman put him on report to the Captain and Chief Medical Officer. This led to his transfer from the USS Valkyrie to Jupiter Station. There, the programmers and counselors attempted to restore his sanity.

In the end, however, it was decided that there was only one way to restore Marcus' mind. And that was to send him back to the USS Valkyrie to face his issues. After the destruction of the USS Valkyrie, he was reassigned to the USS Pathfinder.


2396.01.01: First activated.
2396.11.27: Loses girlfriend, is deactivated and shipped to USS Valkyrie.
2397.01.01: Installed by Ben Menzen.
2397.06.12: Activated to help remove York Matthew's appendix
2397.12.29: Accidentally activated at Tsynaia
2398.01.04: Joins the crew on the surface
2398.01.12: Part of away team to moon Quane.
2398.12.30: Removed from duty and send to Jupiter Station.
2399.03.01: Returns to USS Valkyrie
2400.01.15: USS Valkyrie destroyed
2400.05.30: Installed and activated aboard USS Pathfinder
2400.07.01: Regenerates from Alan Rickman into Doctor John Carter

Psychological Profile

Outside of sickbay, Marcus has severe self-confidence issues. He avoids all non-essential contact with people. And he would never be the first to give his opinion. During his stay on Jupiter Station, there has been a slight improvement regarding these problems.

Inside of sickbay, his self-confidence is slightly better. Marcus is not afraid to speak up if he feels action as behind taken that might harm the patient. Here, the goal of the therapy is to get Marcus to speak up more often and to volunteer for away missions.

Specialties and Skills

POSITIVE: Medicine. The programmers at Jupiter Station made his top notch doctor. Further more, Marcus appears to have a talent for improvisational medicine.

NEGATIVE: Engineering. Marcus is good at fixing people, not machines. He once attempted to change the settings on a replicator on Jupiter Station and nearly wrecked it.

Hobbies and Interests

Marcus loves to paint. He will often go to the Holographic Research Lab and do this. (He never paints in the Holodeck, as the chance of somebody walking in on his is much larger.) He also draws pencil drawings, something he picked up from his 'niece' Lil'ana.

Another hobby is singing. But he will only do this when he is sure that there is nobody around to hear him.

It should also be noted that - on occasion - Marcus can be caught smoking a cigar.


Marcus name is his own creation. Marcus comes from Mark and Sedecim is the Latin word for Sixteen. So Marcus Sedecim because means Mark Sixteen.

Marcus serial number/File name is EMH-M16-001. As of 2399.01.01, there are three more Mark XVI's. These are all in use at the Utopia Planita Yards of Mars.

EMH-M16-005 began programming, but was halted. It was later completed as EMH-M19-001, the EMH currently installed aboard the USS Valkyrie. Hence, the exact likeness between the two EMHes that made Marcus change his face.


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