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Personnel file for Emile Schofield

Lieutenant Commander Emile Schofield

NameEmile Schofield
Age34 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentChief Flight Control Officer (Transfer to USS Leo Major)
Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 80 kg

Emile looks healthy and is heavily muscled. He has sharp eyes, with short brown hair. The length of his beard varies from time to time. (He can be clean shaven or have several weeks worth.)

During his time in SFI, Emile had a nasty encounter with an alien photon grenade, which rendered him blind. His eyesight was restored by an Orion doctor, with the side-effect of turning them purple.


Emile Gilbertus Schofield was born to Frank (a doctor) and Janice (a nurse) on Earth Colony Two. They named him after his uncle Emile. (A Starfleet Captain, who had died in the line of duty.) Five years later, his interest in flying was ignited by his uncle Harry, who took him on shuttle ride to his birthday.

All in all, Emile's early childhood was happy. But things changed when he was six. The Breen attacked the Earth and Frank and Janice were killed. Afterwards, Emile was raised was by his uncle Harry and aunt Jennifer.

Another of young Emile's interests was Science. Alas, his career as a scientist came to an explosive end when he was ten. A failed experiment caused a massive explosion that destroyed the barn of the family farm.

When he was sixteen, Emile got a job flying automated cargo drones. It did not turn out well. Several days after he joined, he was forced to destroy the SS Antonia (an automated freighter). His superiors agreed with his decision, but were forced to terminate his contract.

A year later, Emile took a school trip to Earth's solar system. During this trip, he accidentally ended up at the Utopia Planitia shipyards. On the way back to Earth, his shuttle was hijacked by an Orion. Emile helped overcome the hijacker and was inspired to join Starfleet. Which - once he turn eighteen - he did.

Upon his graduation, Emile was assigned to the USS Valkyrie. In his early Valkyrie days, Emile ended up out-of-phase and was once captured by Orion pirates. Surviving both, Emile managed to rise to Chief of Conn and full Lieutenant. At that point, however, his career took a downward turn.

He was court-martialed for violating Starfleet regulations. In the end, he was kicked out of Starfleet. He expected never to return. Starfleet Intelligence, however, had other plans. They recruited him for an undercover mission on Te'Har Prime, which ended in his reinstatement.

Soon after, he was one of several officers who stayed aboard when the Valkyrie was sabotaged by Doctor Roque.

It was not long after this situation, that there was a major change in his Emile's life: His parents were found to be alive. They had been survived the Breen attack and had been brainwashed by a corrupt Romulan Governor. When the Governor was removed from office, their memories were restored.

Later, he was captured by a crazy Vorta called Tusen, who brainwashed him. After his rescue, Emile accepted a transfer to a top secret SFI outfit back on Earth. This transfer also meant a demotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

But that was not the largest sacrifice Emile made. For while aboard the Valkyrie, Emile had fallen in love with Anita Alvarez. In fact, the two of them were married. The assignment on Earth took him away from Anita and his two daughters: Pearl and Lil'ana.

Fate, however, had other plans. For Starfleet Intelligence send Emile - and Conyas Norman - to chart a planet named Tsynaia. The mission did not go well and Emile ended up stranded on the planet for close to a year. In the end, he was reunited with his family and he went back to his old job as CONN of the Valkyrie.

After the Valkyrie was destroyed, he spent several months assigned to Earth Colony Two. This was followed by a short stint in command of the USS Leo Major. After this, he became the Chief of Conn aboard the USS Pathfinder.


2369.06.19: Born
2374.06.09: Flies for the first time
2375.02.04: Frank and Janice killed in Breen attack on Earth.
2379.11.01: Blew up Harry's barn
2385.07.02: Begins Piloting Automated Cargo Drones
2385.07.12: Destroys SS Antonia
2385.07.16: Terminated from ECCA
2386.11.04: Sneaks into Utopia Planitia complex during a school trip
2391.01.05: Involved in diplomatic incident with daughter of a Romulan Diplomat
2393.01.17: Married to Anita Alvarez
2393.09.05: Finds Lil'ana on the alien world of Crannar.
2394.04.12: Parents found to be alive.
2396.02.13: Rescued from Tusen
2396.12.04: CO killed, promoted to CO Section 5
2397.03.12: Stranded on Tsynaia
2398.01.18: Leaves Tsynaia and rejoins Valkyrie crew
2400.01.15: USS Valkyrie destroyed
2400.05.30: Joins crew of USS Pathfinder
2400.11.12: Promoted to 2O of USS Pathfinder

Psychological Profile

POSITIVE: Extremely loyal to his friends and the Federation. Emile is hard worker, who demands a lot of himself.

It should also be noted that Emile is prefers to do things low-tech when possible. For instance, he types his reports on paper and then scans them into the computer, rather then simply recording them straight into the computer.

NEGATIVE: Emile and authority do not mix well. He is generally not the most patient person and thus not the most skilled in diplomacy.

Specialties and Skills

POSITIVE: Flying. Emile doesn't only like flying, but he is very good at it. Also, he is an excellent marksman and hand-to-hand fighter.

NEGATIVE: Science. Especially chemistry. When he was ten, he caused a massive explosion of Earth Colony Two. Since then, Emile stays far, far away from Science projects.

Hobbies and Interests

Flying vintage planes. Even after leaving the Valkyrie, Emile still loves to fly World War Two planes on the Holodeck. He is determined to get back command of his beloved Stringfellow Squadron one day.

He also likes to read fiction of the 20th and 21st century. Especially works by Ian Fleming and Clive Cussler are popular. And while he would never admit it, he is secretly working on his first novel.


Recently, Emile has been trying to gather more command experience(s). So far, he has had:

1) SS Octavius - Sailing Ship
2) USS Prometheus (NX-303) - Sailling Ship
3) Beta Section - Starship section USS Valkyrie
4) Section Five - SFI Covert Ops Team
5) USS Leo Major - Starship

Weapons Collection:

Emile no longer has a weapons collection. But he does still have a pair of Luger's he got from Jen Foster and Shane's ArmaLite MagHook 12


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