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Personnel file for X'ok PaRel

Captain X'ok PaRel

NameX'ok PaRel
Age35 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentCommanding Officer (Moved to Earth)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Skin Color: ruddy
Height: 6' 2
Weight: 190

Tall, slight but hard, medium-dark complected and dark hair, ridged forehead, pointed ears. Has what on earth is called a "Russian smile," where the mouth smiles but the eyes remain engaged.


Born 2368.08.13 on an unnamed moon in Klingon space.

Father's Vulcan science vessel destroyed in an ion storm. Badly injured, survived for weeks in an escape pod which eventually landed on a small moon occupied by a Klingon spiritual sect that had forsaken contact with the outside world and all technology. The members of the monastary were able to nurse him back to health, but he was stuck there with no way to get home.

After a year he entered his pon far. A female acolyte, who had grown affectionate toward the off-worlder, agreed to resign from the order and they mated. About a year after X'ok was born, a transport came with new devotees, so the couple and their son were able to leave.

K'Pram agreed to live on Vulcan, and even thrived among her husband's people. Their son had problems though, as forcing his emotions to submit to his will proved nigh on to impossible. His parents finally suggested he take up a musical instrument in order to have a creative outlet. He eventually settled on an obscure, long-forgotten earth instrument called the Electric G'tarr.

When young X'ok came of age he visited both the Klingon Military Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy before settling on Starfleet Academy. He had a deep interest in science, but the pure discipline of the laboratory was too stifling for him. He also wished to explore. Starfleet seemed the perfect compromise, and his life had been built around compromises.

He was assigned to the USS Valkyrie out of the Academy, where he was immediately named Acting chief Science officer. He went on to be CSO, Second Officer and First Officer, attaining the rank of Commander. Married to the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Brigit Ellen MacKenzie. His first wife, the Klingon B'lar, was murdered the day after their wedding.

When the Valkyrie participated in the Games of Upsylom on Thensa III, X'ok won the race up and down Mount Kehlmet. Notable was the fact that, in the thousand-year history of this race, this was the first time there were no fatalities in the event. Because of this, he was specially honored by the host world.

PaRel was made Acting Captain when Captain Denebris was removed following a rescue of four kidnapped crew members, which included Dr. MacKenzie, against direct orders from Starfleet Command. Was promoted to Captain and given command of the ship after a partially-successful diplomatic mission to Jhacheyon.

His command has led to the Valkyrie gaining a reputation in scientific exploration. They have also gained a good relationship with the Klingons. The crew of the Valkyrie were named Heroes Of The Empire after ending the threat posed by a would-be conquorer knows as The Chosen One.

Psychological Profile

Devoted to logic, but also very passionate. Quick to smile and laugh, he is still learning to control more negative impulses. His mother's religious beliefs enable him to view his Klingon heritage from a pacifistic viewpoint. His Vulcan upbringing enables him to "step back from the edge" when his emotions threaten to overwhelm him, but not without struggle.

Specialties and Skills

A quick mind, and good hands. The Klingon Military Academy actively tried to recruit him. Would have made a good security/tactical officer if his science skills weren't even better. Still making the leap from pure science to practical application. Notoriously bad pilot.

Hobbies and Interests

Reads voraciously. Also likes hiking and mountain climbing, but tends to stumble into dangerous situations. Likes solitude. When stressed, likes to retreat to his quarters and play his G'tarr. Very loudly!


Has come a long way from his early days in Starfleet. Captain PaRel has gained a reputation as a scientist, a warrior, and a diplomat. He has no problem with going his own way if he believes he's right, and willing to risk all to fulfill his mission.


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