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Personnel file for Seth Kane

Captain Seth Kane

NameSeth Kane
Age55 years (as of 2404.03.12)
AssignmentCommanding Officer (Pandora Station)

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 1.86 m
Weight: 78 kg


Starfleet serial number: ML-042-4775 NCO

Parents: Malcolm and Julia Kane
Siblings: Robert, Lisa
Spouse: Renee Kane (deceased)
Stepdaughter: Melissa Kinnard

Seth Kane was born on 2348.07.29 as the second child of Malcolm and Julia Kane. Seth has one older brother, Robert (2345), and a younger sister, Lisa (2350).

In 2366 he graduated from high school and Seth was admitted to Starfleet Academy. During his first year he had trouble adjusting to a life in Starfleet because it seemed to Seth that Starfleet had rules for everything and that he hadn't any freedom to make his own decisions. He quickly learned that this wasn't entirely true and in 2371 he graduated. Seth was going to be assigned to the USS Voyager as Science Officer when the ship would return from the Badlands, but when the Voyager disappeared he was assigned to th USS Huxley instead. He stayed on the Huxley for almost thirteen years (and three promotions), before he requested for a transfer to Starbase 153.

In 2384 he was assigned to the starbase as the Chief Science Officer. This is also where he met Renee Moors, a civilian scientist who lived on the starbase with her daughter Melissa.

In 2386 Seth was promoted to Commander and around the same time he became romantically involved with Renee. Eight months later Seth and Renee married (in 2387).

Captain Sollok of the USS Huxley decided to retire in 2387, and Starfleet asked Seth if he would be interested to take command of his former ship. Because this meant that he would be separated from his new wife and stepdaughter, Seth decided not to accept the offer. When the First Officer of SB 153 took command of the Huxley, the now vacant FO position on SB 153 was also offered to Seth, and this time Seth accepted.

In 2388 Renee Kane was being treated for a viral infection when she suffered an allergic reaction to the medication she received, and she lapsed into a coma. Renee died two days later.
Seth spent the next three months on Earth with Melissa and Renee's sister, before he resumed his FO duties again in 2389. Melissa decided to return to SB 153 with him.

In 2391 he was offered command of Pandora Station when Captain Janssens took command of the USS Epimetheus.

Starfleet History

2366 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy
2371 - Graduated from SF Academy, promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Huxley as Science officer
2373 - Promoted to Lietenant Junior Grade
2378 - Promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Science Officer
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Science Officer
2384 - Assigned to Starbase 153 as Chief Science Officer
2386 - Promoted to Commander
2387 - Married to Renee Moors/Kane, offered command of the USS Huxley (declined), promoted to First Officer on Starbase 153
2388 - Renee Kane died, 3 month LOA
2389 - Returned to Starbase 153 to resume his duties as First Officer
2391 - Promoted to Captain and transferred to Pandora Station as Commanding Officer
2392 - Reassigned to Frontier Fleet's Fleet Operations department, no longer Commanding Officer of Pandora Station
2399? - Returned to the Commanding Officer position of Pandora Station

Psychological Profile

Seth Kane doesn't like to be bound by rules and regulations and if a certain task can be accomplished faster or more efficient by disregarding the rules, then he will do that (except if it would violate any of the most important Starfleet directives).
Because of this Seth will also deal with subordinates in a very informal way, if the situation allows it. This can, and has indeed, sometimes cause problems between Seth and other officers if they do everything strictly to Starfleet rules and regulations.

Hobbies and Interests

Sword fighting, mostly ancient Earth, but Seth can handle a bat'leth fairly well.
Has a small collection of (antique) swords from various cultures.


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